Passion for storytelling

MackNext Magic specializes in building interactive immersive worlds that can be experienced with all senses.

Brand development

We develop IPs with unforgettable characters and exciting story worlds. Because of our origins, entertainment is in our blood: A theme park thrives on its emotions and stories, and we use this know-how to create unique IPs.


We create stories for attractions and attractions from stories. Any attraction is an emotional experience. You dive into a different world to live a marvelous adventure. The richer the world, the deeper the immersion – for true emotions and lasting memories. For a world to feel truly authentic, it has to be filled with purpose, work by an inner logic and be inhabited by unique, relatable characters. In short: it needs a story. At MackNeXT we combine design talent and storytelling expertise to create exceptionally vivid and rich story worlds. Our collaborative creative process unites experts from all areas right from the start of a project. This enables us to conceive individual stories, which precisely fit the specifics of the attraction and tap the full potential of the experience. We provide everything from a first story concept, characters and basic story lines to finished scripts and media content. We draw on a profound experience of the particular narrative requirements of attractions and we keep on developing ever new, innovative ways of telling our stories, e.g. through high quality media integration or VR- content.

Character Design

The heart of every successful story are its characters. Over the years, we gathered a lot of experience and know how to create unique characters. A unique and successful character should be applicable for different formats. You can find our characters in for example feature films, novels, comics or video games. The look of the character still is one of the most important factors. Luckily, we have amazing artists that work with us to create animated, hand or digitally drawn character. We fiddle about until they are perfect and fulfil everyone’s wishes. Other important factors are the characteristics of a figure. Do you want somebody friendly like Ed or maybe somebody as energetic and bubbly like Snorri? We can help you to let your character appear exactly as you wish.



Horror Nights – Traumatica