Masterplanning, Concept Design, Art Direction.

Our inspired and unique Artists in the MackNeXT Team visualize ideas and concepts for the attractions of tomorrow – first on paper, then on computer and finally as a 3D model.

5 Steps to Magic

Master planning

Our magic always begins with a kick-off-meeting. We come together and get creative. With the experience we gained over the years, at Europa-Park and for external clients, we start creating unique stories and ideas. Storytelling is in our blood and very dear to our heart. We believe that only with a good story, you are able to create a unique, emotional experience. In our process of storytelling and creating, we consider all requirements. First analysing the available area and defining the area components. Afterwards, we draw a first masterplan sketch and select rides that could be incorporated. For the perfect ride and experience, we plan the capacity and define the optimal guest flow. Finally, we will have gathered all the operational requirements, specified the unique guest experience and started our journey of creating unique stories.

Concept design

This step of the process is all about visualization. One-of-a-kind-artworks are made by our passionate artists. They create magic with their art and heart. Giving you a feeling of what the final product will look like. Sketches, 3D models and mood paintings all come to life here. You want to know what the vehicle looks like in the ride? This is the step, where that is decided. Always keeping in mind the storyline, the masterplan and the guest experience.

Schematic Design

Next on the agenda is the schematic planning. We look closely at the specific requirements for decoration and materials. We take into account the wall elevations and adjust them according to our ideas. For that, exact floorplans are drawn. Magic is created through precision and an eye for details. All of which we provide. Part of this process is to colour code the whole area and the design of the content and signage. To achieve a wholesome product in the end, audio and visual components should not be missing. Therefore, these crucial audio and visual components are developed. Furthermore, after designing the ride and its vehicles in the previous steps, now is the time to add operations and operations staff requirements. Never losing sight of the big picture.

Detailed Design

This is where it all comes together. We dig deep and improve and expand our building specifications as well as evolve our operational plan. Working closely together with the contractors, we give them all the specifics they need to bring the magic to life. We define how the created audio and visual contents are to be integrated, alongside with the decorations, operations and facility. There is lots to do, to have all our ideas implemented! We always aim for perfection to give you the result you dreamed of.

On-site Art Direction

The finish line is in sight. To create real magic some important last steps are taken. The devil is in the detail. Our contractors support us by doing the programming and installation of the product. Our designer will support you at any point with on- and offsite art direction, in close collaboration with the on-site workers. Additionally, we will help to prepare and train the lucky staff that will be working for your project. They play a vital role to bring the magic to the guest.

Merchandise Concepts

In addition to the creation of new attractions or themed areas, we offer the elaboration of a product range that is perfectly tailored to your attraction or theme park. Decades of experience with merchandising at Europa-Park are incorporated into this process. Europa-Park operates about 80 stores with a vast variety of products. The assortment consists of classic top sellers with their own key visual and generic products that are tailored to the theme. Thereby the different interests of the customers are also taken into consideration, which results in different price segments and a differentiation between articles of need and souvenir articles. Your visitors should be able to take their emotions home with them and, for example, enjoy their coffee cup every morning at the breakfast table and reminisce about their experiences, or fall asleep every evening with their favorite soft toy in their arms and dream about your park. As this works best with great and likeable characters with their unique and emotional stories, we also provide character and story development.

Extensive research, the right feeling for emotions needed and a great deal of imagination form the basis for new attractions and architecture. This enables us to create feasible, unique and fantastic “turnkey” concepts for our clients’ wishes and requirements.


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