About Us

As part of the 245 years old Mack family business we are closely integrated into a network of companies with an unsurpassed expertise in the entertainment field. Not only our home-base, one of the world´s most successful theme parks “Europa-Park”, but also our close integration with MACK Rides, MackMedia, Mack Animation and VR Coaster give us an unrivaled advantage for our products and clients.

Heads of MackNeXT

Michael Mack

Founder & CEO

We overcome thought patterns and shape the experiences of the future.“

Sina Krenz

Deputy management

„I have been working in the leisure industry for over 10 years and combine my know-how with competence and composure.“

Daniel Kerscher

Global Art Director

„I supervise all external projects, but I am also creative for Europa-Park. I am enthusiastically fulfilling the daily creative challenges down to the last detail.“

Matthias Lange

Head of Design & Development

„Since April 2019, I am responsible for the creative development of Europa-Park and Rulantica. To maintain the identity of the resort – which I have loved since childhood – and to expand successfully under my artistic direction is my mission.“

Tobias Mundinger

Head of Brands & Content

„Since 2014 I played a decisive role in the development of the ACE, Mme Freudenreich and Rulantica. With our products we carry our brands all over the world.“

Patrick Marx

Head of New Development & Masterplanning

„A combination of experience, technology and Efficiency makes a project successful. Challenge me! No task is too complex not to be able to solve.“